Defining the term “SEO”

Video SEO stands for Video search engine optimisation. It is the process of making a video easy for a search engine (such as Google) to pick up and categorise properly for people when they search. The aim of this is to get your video in front of your target audience and to appear as close to the top of the pile as possible to attract the most attention. The second thing is to also make the video appealing to the human eye so that once in the top section of the pile, it gets viewed.

Usually after the video has been viewed the desire is to then drive that traffic to a website (your website). Of course you want your video to add value to your company simply by being watched but you often also want that video to send people to a place where they either learn more about your services or even purchase something direct. Note: Statistics show that online advertising of all kinds does improve online sales BUT it actually has a much bigger impact on sales by other means, like retail stores etc. Don’t just look for an online correlation when judging your seo.

The seo problem with video

The problem with video is that search engine robots can’t “watch” the video. So they don’t know what the content is and therefore can’t index it properly. If the video is on your own site then the robot doesn’t even know it has a video unless you let it know. That means your video won’t show up as video content for things like Google “video results”.

The solution

The solution is video seo

The processes involved in video seo depend on the platform you use to publish it. Read what platform should I publish my video on to help with that decision. I then go into the ways to optimise your video content via one or other platforms in other blog posts: Optimisation via YouTube or Optimisation via your own site. When done right, video is a powerful tool to help seo your site as it unlocks far more places for your website to be found and to send traffic to your site from these places. Also video is a very popular medium for sharing via social platforms and so its viral potential is hugely greater than text based media. There are far more reasons than this on why using video is a must as part of good seo today. See 11 reasons why video is important.

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