The Barfoote Group, (a collection of companies: Barfoote Construction, Northland Structural Steel and Northland Precast Concrete), are experts in all forms of building: agricultural, commercial, residential as well as iconic structures like public toilets, railway bridges and swimming pools. Based in Whangarei, Northland they have completed projects not only in New Zealand, but around the world. Contact these building experts for your project!

“We bought amalgamated three farms 3 years ago, and we started thinking about our systems and how we needed to centralise things, that we needed to bring the whole system together so we started thinking we might need a new cow shed.

Except that all changed on the 16th June last year when, at 9.30 at night our cow shed burnt down.

Big ball of flames. Absolutely massive. And the whole cow shed was completely destroyed, so I got hold of Trevor Barfoote’s contact number.

I called him at 8 o’clock the next morning. An hour and a half later he was at our farm talking to us, assisting us, talking through different ideas, giving us options, assuring us that they could help.

The information they gave us was just spot on. And then he said, “Look, we can have this done in 5 to 6 weeks”. And when it came down to it from our first cut of the pit down to when our cow shed was up and fully functional in regards to the building construction… 5 weeks! Absolutely amazing. When they say they can be there and they say they can do it… they’ll be there and they’ll do it!”