Me and Charlotte

I began InSite media ltd in 2007 in Northland, New Zealand as a video marketing company for the real estate industry. Northland has some of the most amazing coastline and the properties are equally grand! I enjoyed the early days but we have since spread our wings, in particular to include the online business world. As video has become increasingly important online, so we have seen a shift in demand toward online markets.

Online businesses want fast, simple and affordable video and that has been what we strive to provide. It has also been important to our clients that their videos perform well online and so we do all we can to stay up to date with the latest developments on video search engine optimisation, video compression rates, camera technology etc. (see my blog).

Reuben Hawkins

Currently, aside from a host of sub contractors in a range of places (to whom I’m very grateful!), we are a two man operation. Both brothers. Originally from the UK we now both love calling New Zealand our home! I love it so much I’m marrying a Kiwi (as in a New Zealand girl – not a bird or fruit for all those unfamiliar with the term). And I intend to continue making great videos for people around the world for as long as possible.

As for our work, the videos speak for themselves. Our projects have been incredibly diverse, from sheep to shoes, dolphins to diggers; big projects, small projects – we’ve done it all. Take a look at the packages and portfolio and if you have a project I’d love to hear from you!

Also stay in touch with me via Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin and sign up to receive some social media training videos I’ve put together and get our “deal of the month” emailed to you monthly by filling in the form on the homepage.

Nathan Hawkins